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Mon, Jun. 4th, 2007, 03:42 pm
dominosmitelvis: Some drabbles for your mercy!

I stumbled across this community when searching for places where I might find advice and get some proper critiques for my Flash Fiction pieces. I have been writing a lot of Flash Fiction recently, and am looking to improve my abilities in the area.

Scanning through the community, it also looks like a good place to prepare for any novel writing months I might partake in. ;)

I'll try and critique around, but I don't have much knowledge for poetry.

Without further ado, my works:

Name: Driven to Witchcraft
Word Count: 235
Notes: The only one of these three with potential for a larger story, my personal favorite! ;)

("Now the time has come at last...")

Name: Three Pounds, Sixty Two Pence.
Word Count: 146

("The wind blew...")

Name: First Kiss.
Word Count: 276
WARNINGS: Slash (Homosexual relationship)... think of it as fan service.
Notes: I am not particularly fond of the way this one turned out, the interactions don't feel like they fit...any advice?

("Can I kiss you?")